For Sale Billboard


Important Notice: Items will be listed on-air for one month only. The website will post items for six months only. Please call CFBS to add, delist, or change your items.




  • For sale: Recliner and foot bench in white beige, brand new, for $200, & a chesterfield chair in light green, like new, $200, if interested call Christina Beaudion at 418-461-2021 July 16th/14
  • For sale: Property in Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon. Two lots; lot 349-1 which has a four bedroom house and lot 15-1 which has a storage shed near the water. Big enough for three housing lots or other development, and near the Hospital and Maison Marcoux. It also has water front access and a great ocean view. Contact Jules Willcott at 418-461-2309 or Remy Beaudoin at 819-523-5621 or 819-676-7719. June 18th/14
  • For sale: A chalet in Belles Amour, call 418-461-2948 June 17th/14
  • For sale: New 15 HP Mercury outboard motor and a 16 ft boat, for sale together or separately, for more information call 418-461-3828 June 16th/14
  • For sale: TV Mount, new and never used, up to 52 inch TV can be mounted, $100, call 418-461-2001 May 21st/14
  • For sale: Hot air system, call Melinda Lavallee at 418-461-2115 May 14th/14
  • For sale: 2006 Camper Hybrid, 19 ft. Fleetwood, sleeps eight, shower, microwave, fridge and stove, king/queen size bunks, priced $8000, call 418-553-0757 May 14th/14
  • For sale: Fly Screen Repair services, call Maurice (Bud) Letemplier at 418-461-2870 May 8th/14
  • For sale: Four summer tires, size LT/245/70/R17, priced at $300 call 418-461-2321 May 8th/14
  • For sale: Tundra, long track with reverse, call Marius at 418-461-2455 Mar. 11th/14




  • Found: Life Jacket inflatable on the road from St Pauls fish plant to St Pauls River. call 418-379-1247 July 22/14
  • Lost: Sampson S3 cell phone in black otterbox, perhaps in Lourdes Dump or St. Paul’s Lookout, if found call 418-461-2515 July 7th/14
  • Lost: Men’s prescription glasses in Adidas case, dark grey, if found call 418-461-2625 April 25th/14
  • Lost: A camouflage handwarmer, lost on the skidoo trail in Bradore, if found call 418-461-2434 April 14th/14
  • Lost: A Satellite phone in a yellow canister, lost on the ski-doo trail from Green Point to St. Paul’s River, if found call Tim at 418-379-2079 Mar. 6th/14